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Marry Me: Jennifer Lopez Fans Believe Owen Wilson New Movie Looks Like Notting Hill

by Stewart Cole

The first trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s new romcom Marry me was released this week and fans are already excited about it.

The film stars Lopez as pop star Kat Valdez, who is getting ready to marry fellow singer Bastian (Maluma) during a ceremony held in front of thousands of fans.

However, just before the concert, Kat discovers that Bastian is in a relationship and is forced to go on stage alone.

There, he finds the recently divorced Charlie (Owen Wilson), who has been dragged to the concert against his will and is temporarily holding a sign that says “Marry Me”, the name of Valdez’s new single.

Kat asks Charlie to go on stage with her and marries him instead. The film follows the couple as they get to know each other and their respective (completely different) worlds.

Naturally, the case has made several comparisons with the classic romcom Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant as a travel book owner who falls in love with a movie star (Julia Roberts) after a chance date.

“It simply came to our notice then Marry me the movie was fake. IT IS LITERALLY Notting Hill BUT THE MUSIC EDITION “, wrote a person on Twitter after seeing the trailer.

“You ask me, a person who has watched Notting Hill many times that is definitely a three-digit number, if I’m excited about this new Marry Me trailer?” wrote a fan.

“Ouch, Marry me looks like a very sweet rom-com? Like Notting Hill, “She is just a famous pop star,” wrote another.

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“It took me a second to figure out why I was great at it and then I remembered that NOTTING HILL is one of my favorite movies,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Marry me is scheduled for release on Valentine’s Day, February 2022 – Lopez is reportedly planning to release an album that will coincide with the film.

About the same time 20 years ago, in 2001, she became the first woman to have a No. 1 film and album at the same time when she starred in The Wedding Planner, alongside Matthew McConaughey and released her second studio album, J Lo.

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