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Michelle Yeoh’s new movie looks crazy and amazing

by Stewart Cole

Michelle Yeoh’s new movie comes out in 2022, and it looks just awesome and totally crazy. All Everywhere Simultaneously has just released its first trailer and we have a lot of feelings about what this movie will be like. Studio A24 is back in it, with some very familiar faces in this high-fiction sci-fi story.

What does Michelle Yeoh’s new film say?

The trailer for New film by Michelle Yeoh ” Everything everywhere at once ” watches like a feverish dream you see while sitting in a washing machine at 3 in the morning. It starts quite formally, with Jamie Lee Curtis doing what appears to be a tax audit on Michelle Yeoh’s character, Evelyn Wang. Scenes from Ms. Wang’s hard life pass by in a flash. You have plenty of time to notice that Jamie Lee Curtis’s character has a series of evocatively shaped trophies in her office before Yeoh is thrown back into her swivel chair and the universe shattered.

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Naturally, Michelle Yeoh’s husband reveals that he is from another universe and explains that she is the only one standing between the multiverse and total annihilation, perhaps by Jamie Lee Curtis. The oversized husband explains that Michelle Yeoh can access the memories, emotions and skills of every self-interaction across the multiverse. Some of these Evelyns are chefs, celebrities, fighters and possibly space emperors, if the multiverse is expansive enough to grab its roles from Star Trek: Discovery Terra Firma.

What We Get From All Everywhere Simultaneously Motor home?

The trailer for All Everywhere Simultaneously wraps up in a montage of other Evelyn’s across the universe, with flashes of what we know and love to splash out the google eyes (this is a literal statement) from her body like craft store balls. There are many, but between the wild images and the science fiction radios that bend the mind is a penetrating line of emotional depth that holds chaos. The trailer closes with Michelle Yeoh’s husband from another universe saying, “Every rejection, every disappointment has led you here, to this moment. Do not let anything distract you “, what everyone wants to hear sometimes, especially when it seems that you are going to drop your hands with a force of destruction that does not even stop at the borders of the universe.

All Everywhere Simultaneously is scheduled to premiere in early 2022.

What skills would you lend to one version of yourself from another universe? Tell us this and your thoughts on this amazing new Michelle Yeoh movie in the comments below!

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