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Miranda Rae Mayo will star in the new movie Daddy

by Stewart Cole

Miranda Rae Mayo was absent from most Chicago Fire season 10, which led some fans to speculate that the actress may be busy with other ventures. Although there have been no reports that Mayo was overwhelmed by outside work, it turns out that she has done a dual duty outside of 51.

According to Deadline, Mayo will star in the upcoming black comedy Daddy. The story revolves around a dystopian society where the state has the power to determine who can raise children. Four men are sent to a shelter in the mountains of California, where they find no driver waiting for them and everyone has to prove that they have everything they need to become a dad.

Is Miranda Rae Mayo leaving Chicago Fire?

Mayo’s role in the film is unclear at the moment, but it reconnects the actress with her ex Chicago Fire co-star, Yuri Sardarov. The latter played his favorite firefighter Otis, who went missing in a fire in Season 8. The character’s legacy lives on through his passionate fans and best friend on screen, Cruz (Joe Minoso), who named his son Otis in the 200th episode of the series.

Since Sardarov has not been part of One Chicago for two years, his involvement in the film Daddy has become less noticeable. Instead, Mayo’s involvement sheds light on a mystery for fans.

The absence of her character, Stella Kidd, seemed unusually long, and although Kidd had a good reason for her absence (she was promoting the Girls on Fire team), it seemed strange that a major star would miss so many episodes for a minor plot.

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Mayo’s IMDb page suggests that the actress has even more cinematic work to come at the bottom. She is one of the performers included in the upcoming comedy Going to places, directed by Max Chernov and starring Ethan Cutkosky.

Fortunately, it looks like Mayo will be back in One Chicago mode soon. The actress is expected to return Chicago Fire during her mid-season finale on December 8, and all indications are that her character is the main candidate to take on Casey’s role as a lieutenant 51.

The showrunners have not clarified the terms of her return, but since the mid-season finale has been hailed as an important event, we tend to believe that she will continue her duties as the main cast for the rest of season 10.

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