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Moses Sumney releases new concert film “Blackalachia”: See

by Stewart Cole

Last year, Moses Sumney released a double album, gray, one of the best albums of 2020. Today, he returned with a concert film called Blackalachia, which was filmed for two days in the Blue Ridge Mountains and rearranges tracks from both gray and 2017 Aromatization.

“In early 2020, my band and I gathered at my home in West North Carolina, living and breathing together, arranging songs from my first 2 albums in a live odyssey,” Sumney explained.

As the year unfolded and the international tour was erased from the secular program, I realized that there had to be some kind of record, a bronze snapshot of those musical arrangements and the turmoil and beauty of that year. So we went to the Appalachian Mountains and came back and recorded Live From Blackalchia.

The band gathered in the heat of a quiet summer, with only 10 days to learn and re-learn music. Drums, keyboards, guitars, double bass, violin, saxophones, trombone. Bees, birds, squirrels, crickets, frogs. During two days, we shot 14 songs, completely live, the trees as our audience, the locusts as our singers.

Live from Blackalachia is a crazy fantasy about what can happen when we are not just trying to get back to nature, but to re-integrate with it.

You can watch the movie via We transfer below.

The Live from Blackalachia The album item is released on 10/12.

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