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Netflix’s new action movie dominates every other TV station on its debut

by Stewart Cole

We seem to be in the middle of a western renaissance on Netflix. The harder they fall, a Jeymes Samuel film starring Jonathan Majors and Idris Elba, hit Netflix last month with rave reviews and some serious awards. It was obviously a success for viewers by critics. For the first week of November, The harder they fall Not only were they other top movies on Netflix, they also dominated movies on every other streaming service.

Nielsen recently revealed the flow scores for the week of November 1st to November 7th and The harder they fall was the movie with the most screenings during this period by quite a big margin. The harder they fall delivered nearly 1.2 billion minutes of flow during this week. The second highest movie on the list was Netflix Army of Thieves, which aired for just 456 million minutes. The popular western more than doubled the production of its nearest competition.

Netflix had many movies on the list for the first week of November, with Love Hard, Copies, American gangster, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword also landed in the top 10. Saw Disney + Cocoa, Black Widow, and Luke splashes, while Apple TV + was a huge success with Tom Hanks’ new film, Finch.

The harder they fall tells the story of the illegitimate Nat Love, who seeks revenge on the man who murdered his parents, the dangerous criminal Rufus Buck. Before the movie debuted on Netflix, ComicBook.com spoke with director Jeymes Samuel to discuss the unique vision he brought to the western genre.

“I love westerns, I do not quite understand them, so I really wanted to tell a story where I could use the camera to do things they could not do when John Ford was making westerns, they could not do when John Houston was working and he was alive “, the director continued. “I really wanted to use drones and show a train robbery. I like bank robberies, train robberies, jailbreaks, but I wanted to show a jailbreak and train robbery in the same scene and tell this story using a split screen. I wanted to do all these things with my first feature film and that’s what I have to do. “

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