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New designs for Power Rangers Universe have been revealed on Netflix

by Stewart Cole

All in the same Universe

Never tweet about this news, Entwistle once again named the “Power Rangers universe” to describe what works. The Deadline The article also refers to it as a “multi-series universe”. You could read the use of the “universe” as a simple way of referring to anything in progress, but the fact that Lombardo says their plan is a “whole world approach” makes it seem like everything will be connected. Non-children’s shows, movies and children’s shows could all be connected to one universe.

This is a huge undertaking and something that even the MCU has not done. While the MCU has included movies and TV shows aimed at a larger audience, Marvel-produced children’s shows were very clearly in their own universe and are inspired only by the MCU (although this seems to be changing soon if the new Spider-Man: Freshman Year The cartoon series is aimed at children). Balancing all the tones it would take to get this project done could be a challenge, but if non-kids’ shows and movies aren’t going harder than a PG-13, then it’s more than possible.

The only question he leaves is whether the show will continue to use the Japanese Super Sentai shots or not. It would be extremely difficult to plan a set of shows if Hasbro and eOne did not have full control of the video they would get from Japan.

Everything on Netflix

Last month we learned that his second season Power Rangers Dino Fury would be exclusive to US Netflix, though it is unlikely to be intended as part of the new Power Rangers universe. Production began long before plans for this new universe were announced, and executive producer Simon Bennett had previously told us he had no contact with Entwistle.

Yet, Dino Fury Season 2 coming exclusively to US Netflix was a sign of things to come as all these new shows and movies were like Deadline puts it, “installed on Netflix.” This means that all new shows on Power Rangers the universe will be on the same platform, which makes perfect sense if you want to have such a large interconnected universe.

This news makes it clear that Netflix is ​​all in Power Rangers and will be the home of the young Power Rangers universe moving. This is a time of tremendous change for the franchise and if Hasbro, eOne and Netflix succeed, they will have one of the most uniquely interconnected universes yet. However, these are all just plans. We will have to wait and see how they come out as they are released. Many franchises have failed to make an interconnected universe work as well Power Rangers has the heavy battle to lose his reputation for the “clean” children’s show. We look forward to seeing how they deal with it.

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