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New Indiana Jones Movie Undergoes Major Changes (Rumors)

by Stewart Cole

Disney is having quite a few problems with the new Indiana Jones movie starring Harrison Ford. This will be this archaeologist’s last adventure, and it’s not going well. In fact, rumor has it that there might be huge changes in the plot of the film, especially for the ending.

Complications with this production are not such a new issue. They had previously taken tests to determine different endings and none of them scored well. However, leaks indicate that the chosen plot was so bad that the filmmakers decided to eliminate it, leaving small pieces of its design.

Huge changes to Indiana Jones 5

Image: Lucasfilm/Disney

According to leaks about the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, the film will undergo changes at the script level. The reason is the plot and the effect of this production. The comments state that Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy has planned a reboot for the franchise.

In it, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones would have his last adventure and, due to certain circumstances, travel back in time. This journey would cause him to be born a woman instead of a man, which would make the reboot a new Indiana Jones. The reason for this ending is to continue the franchise after the departure of Harrison Ford.

However, the idea is too bad for many, including Disney CEO Bob Iger. So much so that it required the entire plot of the film to be changed. According to rumors, he asked for a new story to be made from the scraps they left behind.

Considering all this, the movie will have to start from scratch to create a new script according to what Disney wants. Someone else could make the movie on the fly, leaving an ending where the baton is passed to a new Indiana Jones. That would leave Disney and LucasFilm in serious trouble, running out of options for the ending.

The consequences of this mistake for Disney and LucasFilm

Indiana Jones 5 update Image: Lucasfilm

If these rumors are true, there could be consequences both organizationally for LucasFilm and for the quality of the film. One of the comments is the end of Kathleen Kennedy’s tenure as president of LucasFilm. Because they think the plot of the Indy production is bad enough.

Another consequence commented on by the experts is related to the quality of the film. As we know, Disney still needs to find a way to do that transition between Harrison Ford and the new Indiana Jones. This blunder has left delays and according to Iger’s statements they will try to fix everything they can.

All these changes would have meant that we would have had a rather improvised film with a poorly made ending that would not have affected anyone. This could even result Indiana Jones 5 will not be released in theaters as planned.

As of now, neither Disney nor LucasFilm have confirmed these events. We’re still figuring out who the new Indiana Jones will be. However, if this continues, it will not be released as planned on June 30, 2023.

Featured image via Lucasfilm

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