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New movies for streaming from home this week.

by Stewart Cole

“The director and celebrity who dropped out of Kevin Smith Film School is his subject.”Employee“, An affectionate documentary about the life and career (and, finally, the heart attack of 2018) of the creator who is obsessed with comics and B movies of such proud films as” Clerks “,” Mallrats “and” Tusk “. The film is full of interviews with many who sing his praises, or at least reminisce about their relationship with Smith, who is portrayed as smart, funny and likeable: the late Marvel Comics icon Stan Lee. longtime Smith cast member Jason Mewes. Matt Damon? directors Richard Linklater and Jason Reitman (“Ghostbusters: Afterlife”), the latter of whom claims that Smith is one of the reasons he became a director. (“You grew up shooting Ghostbusters,” says Smith, confused about why Reitman would need him to inspire a career in film.) Sometimes “Clerk” seems to love his subject, implying that Smith – a vocal supporter of the sometimes rejected corners of pop culture, including horror and other so-called “genre” cinema – was an integral part of Marvel’s rise to become the power of Hollywood it is today. But Smith himself – also known as a fun podcaster and public speaker – is an ever-degrading racist and seems to have an estimate of his cultural impact that is clearer than the film itself. One ends up wishing there was more Kevin Smith in “Clerk” and a little less saliva for the occult, undefined but recognizable genre that has become known as “Kevin Smith’s movie.” No rating. Available upon request. It contains raw and sexual language and a rude gesture.
116 minutes.

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