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New Movies in Theaters – The Menu, She Said, and More « Celebrity Gossip and Movie News

by Stewart Cole

By Alexandra Heilbron on November 17, 2022 | Leave a comment

Every weekend the studios offer more and more options for movie lovers to get out there and enjoy in the theaters. Check out this weekend’s new movie lineup below and watch the trailers to decide what you want to see. ~Alexandra Heilbron

The menu – Margot (Anya Taylor-Joy) is asked on a date by Tyler (Nicholas Hoult), who takes her to a seaside island to dine at an exclusive restaurant where the chef (Ralph Fiennes) has prepared a lavish menu, with some sensational surprises. in this horror comedy. Click here for performances.

He said – Two New York Times reporters – Megan Twohey (Carey Mulligan) and Jodi Kantor (Kazan life) — try to investigate cases of sexual harassment in the workplace. Their search eventually leads them to Harvey Weinstein, but it doesn’t take long for the reporters to realize that this is a much bigger story than just one man. Click here for performances.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio – A reinvention of the classic story of the wooden puppet that magically comes to life to fix the heart of a grieving woodcarver named Geppetto. Click here for performances.

Bardo, Lies Chronicle of a Handful of Truths – A famous Mexican journalist and documentary filmmaker returns home and works through an existential crisis as he struggles with his identity, his family relationships and the folly of his memories. Playing in select cities. premieres on Netflix on December 16. Click here for performances.

Fisherman’s Friends: One and All – After towering performances at Glastonbury, a band struggles with their second album. While on a divisive tour of South Australia, the band members find their kin and embrace their musical roots. Playing in select cities. Click here for performances.

Liam Gallagher: Knebworth 22 – This new feature-length documentary traces Liam back to the site of his former band’s defining performances, including all-new interviews, backstage and concert footage captured from 20 camera locations. Playing on Saturday 19th November in selected cinemas only. Click here for performances.

Stay the night – In an age where dating apps and casual dating are the “new romantic norm,” reserved and very single Grace (Andrea Bang) feels like an outcast. But when she meets Carter (Joe Scarpellino), a professional outfielder who has his own decision to make, she wonders if he is the perfect solution to her problem. Playing in Toronto and Vancouver. Click here for performances.

Salvatore: Shoemaker of Dreams – Growing up poor in Italy, Salvatore Ferragamo began his career as a cobbler before he was just a teenager. Immigrating to America in 1915 at the age of 16, his work would soon help invent the glamor of Hollywood’s silent era as he created shoes for iconic films and for stars, many of whom became his friends. Playing in Toronto and Vancouver Opens in other cities from November 25th. Click here for performances.

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