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New Netflix movie in top 10 movies in 88 countries

by Stewart Cole

One Netflix subscriber couldn’t resist a little confession on Twitter ahead of the streamer’s romantic comedy release on September 1 Love in the Villa, set in Italy and starring Kat Graham and Tom Hopper. “Netflix’s new romcom Love in the Villa does it look awful?’ this user asked, rhetorically. “Yeah. Will I still see it? F—–g absolutely.”

In fact, quite a few Netflix subscribers around the world seem to have felt the same way, so much so that it didn’t even take a full week to ship the movie skyrocketing Netflix’s top 10 charts. As of this writing, for example, the movie is currently the #2 movie on Netflix in the US. More impressive, though, is the extent to which people are streaming it in global level.

Love in the Villa — #2 on Netflix worldwide

From its Netflix debut on September 1st through September 4th, Love in the Villa amassed 41.2 million hours of viewing across Netflix’s global subscriber base. This according to the latest weekly Top 10 facts which released the streamer on Tuesday, September 6.

What’s more, that was enough viewing activity to make the movie a top 10 movie on Netflix in 88 countries this week.

(L to R) Tom Hopper as Charlie and Kat Graham as Julie in the Netflix movie ‘Love In The Villa’. Image credit: Riccardo Ghilardi/Netflix

Here is the official Netflix description Love in the Villa — which, in line with many of Netflix’s biggest streaming hits of late, has also turned into Rotten tomatoes from critics and fans alike:

“A young woman (Kat Graham) takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a breakup, only to discover that the villa she booked has been double-booked and she will have to share her vacation with a cynical and very good… he looks British (Tom Hopper).”

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Rotten Tomatoes reviews

You have to treat this thing with a lot of caution, because online reviews are not a perfect 1:1 representation of all the feelings from all the people who streamed a particular title. Nonetheless, Love in the Villa continues a pretty impressive trend on Netflix lately, where many of the top shows and movies featured on the platform have garnered massive viewership. And yet — critics and fans rave about them.

love in the villa netflix
A promotional still from the Netflix movie Love In The Villa.” Image Credit: Riccardo Ghilardi/Netflix

In this case? The #1 Netflix Movie in the World and the #1 Netflix TV Series in the World Right Now (Time with myself and Echo, respectively). We noted in a previous post how the Rotten Tomatoes scores for both of these titles are abysmal.

Similarly, the story with Love in the Villa it’s exactly the same. A 43% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and an even worse 36% audience score. And yet? This is a Top 10 movie in 88 countries around the world right now. The moral of the story, I guess, is — it could be better, sure, but at least someone’s watching.

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