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New Nintendo movie follows the success of ‘Super Mario Bros: The Movie’

by Stewart Cole

One of the most anticipated movies of 2023 was undoubtedly Super Mario Bros: The Movie, which filled theaters around the world to enjoy the character of the past. It was such a big success that now Nintendo is coming up with a new adaptation of one of its iconic characters.

After all the love Mario Bros received, it even trended because of the catchy song peaches, Nintendo decided it was a good idea to come up with a new adaptation that would make all of the company’s fans happy.

Although many fans were hoping that the new movie would be about a Mario Bros sequel, after the news that came out recently, fans went crazy knowing that the new adaptation could be about Zelda.

Journalist Jeff Snyder assured on The Hot Mic podcast that the Illumination studio is about to reach a deal to create the new story of the Nintendo character, whose intention is to take advantage of all the possibilities that Nintendo now has to create cartridges.

“Zelda was going to be the next big franchise for Illumination and Nintendo, just as we hoped. I was told it was happening,” Snyder said on the show.

It is known that if the movie is made it will definitely be a box office success, since Zelda is a video game that has been around for generations who remember it and play it with great affection.

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