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New PREDATOR Movie From PREY Director Dan Trachtenberg In The Works? It will be titled BADLANDS

by Stewart Cole

Predator prequel Smooth bypassed theaters for an exclusive release on Hulu. However, it far exceeded expectations on the platform and was a film that garnered both critical acclaim and serious awards attention.

Deadline (via SFFGazette.com) confirms that director Dan Trachtenberg is returning to the franchise for Badlands, a new “standalone” entry which is expected to begin filming later this year. The film is said to be a priority for Disney-owned 20th Century Studios, and the director is already meeting talent for the lead role.

As is often the case, plot details are being kept under wraps and we don't know who the main characters will be or what time period the story will take place in. Presumably, this time it will be released in theaters as Disney looks to increase profits.

This is where things get particularly interesting, though. according to trade, “Sources say that while still in early development, a Prey 2 is still in the works that would return to the original film setting and with the films' star, Amber Midthunder, possibly returning.”

“Sources stress that there is no talent involved in this film, but the interesting thing is that although there have been seven films featuring the infamous alien, there has never been a case where the star of a previous film has returned to reprise his role. “

We are on the verge of getting a new one Predator-verse? Fingers crossed.

In Smooththe epic Predator The legacy continues with this action thriller set in 1719 on the Great Plains with a band of Comanches. When Naru, a fierce and highly skilled young warrior, sets out to protect her people, the prey she pursues turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator – leading to a vicious and terrifying showdown.

When we spoke in Trachtenberg to mark his release Smoothhe said then that there are many places he would be interested in taking Predator privilege. Interestingly, he seemed to suggest that these wouldn't necessarily be a traditional sequel.

“I think there's definitely something‚Ķ because so many movies are seen as franchise starters, there's something inherently refreshing about a movie that feels complete. I hope this movie is complete.” says the filmmaker in the video below. “That said, we're doing something very unique with this, whereas other movies might have a scene after the issue, we have some narration at the end of our credits.”

“It leaves room for a lot of different kinds of sequels to be made. I don't know if we're ready to say exactly what we want to do next, but I think there are a lot of good opportunities.”

Stay tuned for more Badlands as we have it.

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