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New Shows and Movies to Stream This Weekend on Netflix, Hulu, Apple TV, Amazon Prime and More

by Stewart Cole

Another weekend, another batch of shows and movies to dig into on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Not much new this weekend, but don’t mistake quantity for quality. There are some really amazing spinoffs from other popular shows coming to Netflix and Amazon, and a very touching indie film landing on Apple TV.

Let’s dive right in. Here’s what’s new and still streaming this weekend on all your favorite streaming platforms.

Castlevania Nocturne (Netflix)

If you loved Castlevania on Netflix (or video games, or both) you’ll already be excited to sink your fangs into this wonderful spinoff set during the French Revolution. Castlevania Nocturne includes Richter Belmont’s origin story and an all-new story of vampire hunting and corruption. Delicious.

Gen V (Amazon Prime)

If you like sneaky dark X-rated superhero comedy The boys, you’ll definitely want to tune in Gen V, the new spinoff set in the same universe. Basically it is The boys meets Harry Potter, which takes place at Godolkin University’s School of Criminology, where supes are trained to become, well, superheroes (and generally awful human beings). Rotten Tomatoes is currently hovering at 96%, so I have high hopes.

Flora and Son (Apple TV)

This wasn’t on my radar at all, but it looks amazingly great. As a single father of a teenage daughter, who both play guitar and write songs, this feels like a touching dose of reality. And it’s Irish, and I love the Irish.

I’m currently watching Only murders in the building Season 3 and just finished season 2 Detention dogs. Both of these shows are absolutely amazing.

I am also considering both Ahsoka which has its final episode this week and The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon. However, I have mixed feelings about both of these shows Ahsoka it’s mostly pretty good now (after a lackluster first three episodes) though it still has some issues.

Daryl Dixon it was a mixed bag. His first episode was bad. His second episode was really great. Then his third episode was bad again. Will episode 4 be good? We’ll see this Sunday!

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