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New TV and Movies Coming November 14-20

by Stewart Cole

Hulu is adding an interesting sci-fi movie to its available content this week.

After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and wrapping up its theatrical run, Double hits Hulu starting Sunday, November 20. Double Written and directed by Riley Stearns. The film stars Karen Gillan (Avengers: Endgame), Beulah Koale (Hawaii Five-O), Theo James (The Divergent films), and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

“After receiving a definitive diagnosis, Sarah opts for a cloning procedure to ease her loss to her friends and family,” the synopsis reads. “When she makes a sudden and miraculous recovery, her efforts to disable her clone fail and lead to a court-ordered duel to the death. Now she has a year to train her body and mind for the fight of her life.”

The R-rated film is produced by Stearns, Aram Tertzakian, Nate Bolotin, Lee Kim, Nick Spicer and Maxime Cottray. Matthew Helderman, Luke Taylor, Tyler Gould, Phil Hunt, Compton Ross and Brandt Anderson are executive producers.

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Hulu New TV & Movie Additions | November 14-20

What to watch on Hulu on Tuesday, November 15th

  • Earthquake 10.0 (2014)
  • 12 Christmas Puppies (2018)
  • 2:22 (2017)
  • Christmas movie Christmas (2019)
  • Christmas Crush (2019)
  • Christmas perfection (2018)
  • Every other holiday (2018)
  • Georgia Rule (2007)
  • Ghost Team: Not rated (2016)
  • Mistletoe & Menorah (2021)
  • The dinner (2017)

What to Watch on Hulu Wednesday, November 16

  • Where is Private Dulaney?: Complete Limited Series
  • Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

What to Watch on Hulu Thursday, November 17

  • Dragons: The Nine Realms: Season 4 completed
  • FX’s Fleishman is in trouble: Series premiere
  • Country Christmas album (2018)
  • My old school (2022)
  • The Erythrelates and the Pines (2017)

What to watch on Hulu on Friday, November 18

  • An En Vogue Christmas (2014)
  • The Forgiven (2022)
  • Good kisses (2015)

What to Watch on Hulu Sunday, November 20

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