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Nic Cage and Ari Aster have a new movie in the works

by Stewart Cole

Nicolas Cage has signed on for a new a24 comedy titled A dream scenario, with Ari Aster producing the film. Cage is no stranger to comedy: his most recent film, The unbearable weight of enormous talent, earned ample critical acclaim despite underwhelming box office performance.

Aside from the genre, most of the film’s details are being kept under wraps. Kristoffer Borgli, whose directorial debut “Sick of Myself” premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, wrote the screenplay and will direct. Aster is producing with Lars Knudsen under their Square Peg banner, while A24 will finance and produce the film. Jacob Jaffke and Tyler Campellone serve as additional producers. The film marks the fourth collaboration between A24 and Square Peg, following Aster’s directorial efforts ‘Hereditary’, ‘Midsommar’ and the upcoming ‘Disappointment Blvd’. The latest film, which will reportedly premiere in 2023, features a cast that includes Joaquin Phoenix, Nathan Lane, Patti LuPone, Amy Ryan and Parker Posey.

A24 has reached the point where they could release anything in theaters, and I’ll gladly attend. They could make a movie announcing my social security number and I would refrain from being too critical of the movie, despite how personally damaging it was. One of the names that helped a24 establish its brand was horror director extraordinaire Ari Aster. In addition to being a name fitting for a comic book protagonist, Aster is the creative force that brought the world into being Hereditary and Midsommar. Apart from waiting for his next film, Disappointment BlvdAster fans can also look forward to his upcoming collaboration with Nicholas Cage.

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