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Phoebe Dynevor, Charlotte Wells among BIFA New Talent Longlists

by Stewart Cole

The star of “Bridgerton.” Phoebe Dynevor and “After the SUN” writer-director Charlotte Wells is among the emerging talents recognized at British Independent Film Awards(BIFA) New Talent Categories.

Dynevor has been shortlisted in the Breakthrough Performance category for Sky’s ‘The Color Room’ and Wells twice, in the New Director and New Screenwriter categories.

In total, 28 fiction films and 14 documentaries have been shortlisted, including a new category for BIFA’s 25th year, Best New Director – Feature Documentary. Eleven first-time fiction directors, 16 documentary feature directors, 14 first-time screenwriters, 20 pioneering producers and 15 new performers have been recognized by BIFA voters for their achievements.

BIFA’s Springboard program will provide a tailored program of ongoing professional development, with seven of this year’s longlisted directors joining the cohort of 30 filmmakers in the Film4-backed initiative.

The final five nominations in each category will be announced on 4 November and the winners will be announced at the 25th annual BIFA ceremony on 4 December. Shortlisted for Best Documentary Feature, Best International Independent Film and Raindance Discovery Award were revealed last week.

The Douglas Hickox Award (Best First Director) sponsored by BBC Film
Ruth Paxton – “A Banquet”

Charlotte Wells – “Aftersun”

Georgia Oakley – “Blue Jean”

Jim Archer – “Brian And Charles”

Frances O’Connor – “Emily”

Lee Haven Jones – “The Feast”

Stacey Gregg – “Here Before”

Fridtjof Ryder – “Inland”

Thomas Hardiman – “Medusa Deluxe”

Mikey Murray – “Mind-Set”

Andrew Cumming – “The Origin”

Best Debut Screenwriter Sponsor of Film4

Charlotte Wells – “Aftersun”

Georgia Oakley – “Blue Jean”

David Earl, Chris Hayward – “Brian And Charles”

Claire Peate – “The Color Room”

Frances O’Connor – “Emily”

Roger Williams – “The Feast”

William Stone – “The Fence”

Shane Crowley – “God’s Creatures”

Stacey Gregg – “Here Before”

Fridtjof Ryder – “Inland”

Thomas Hardiman – “Medusa Deluxe”

Ruth Greenberg – “The Origin”

Maysoon Pachachi – “Our River… Our Sky”

Best First Director – Feature Documentary
Joseph Curran, Dominic Aubrey De Vere – “A Story Of Bones”

Jay Bedwani – “Donna”

Marie Lidén – “Electric Malady”

Matthew Dyas – “Explorer”

Sarah Beddington – “Fadia’s Tree”

Becky Hutner – “Fashion Reimagined”

Leah Gordon, Eddie Hutton Mills – “Kanaval”

Jono Mcleod – “My Old School”

Victoria Fiore – “Nascondino” (“Hide and Seek”)

Katherine Ferguson – “Nothing Compares”

Peter Day – “Off the Rails”

Elena Sánchez Bellot, Maia Kenworthy – “Rebellion”

Matthew Bauer – “The Other Fellow”

Groundbreaking performance sponsored by Netflix

Jessica Alexander – “A Banquet”

Rory Alexander – “Inland”

Percelle Ascott – “I Came By”

Kila Lord Cassidy – “The Wonder”

Frankie Corio – “Aftersun”

Phoebe Dynevor – “The Color Room”

Bally Gill – “Allelujah”

Lucy Halliday – “Blue Jean”

Luca Hogan – “A Bit Of Light”

Alexander Lincoln – “In From The Side”

Leo Long – “I Used To Be Famous”

Rosy McQueen – “Blue Jean”

Safia Oakley-Green – “The Origin”

David Perkins – “The Fence”

Daniel Watson – “Give Them Wings”

Breakthrough Producer Sponsor of Pinewood & Shepperton Studios

Aleksandra Bilić – “8 Bar – The Evolution Of Grime” (Also produced by Jamie Clark, David Upshal)

Leonora Darby – “A Banquet” (Also produced by Nik Bower, James Harris, Mark Lane, Laure Vaysse)

Hélène Sifre – “Blue Jean”

Rupert Majendie – “Brian And Charles”

Becky Hutner, Lindsay Lowe – ‘Fashion Reimagined’ (Also produced by Andrea van Beuren)

Roger Williams – “The Feast”

Serena Armitage – “Flux Gourmet” (Also produced by Pietro Greppi)

Elizabeth Eves – “The Forgiven” (Also produced by John Michael McDonagh, Nick Gordon, Trevor Matthews)

Collie McCarthy – ‘I Used To Be Famous’

Henry Richmond, Louis Paine, Fridtjof Ryder – “Inland”

Aleksandra Bilić, Jennifer Corcoran – “Nascondino” (“Hide And Seek”)

Paul Kennedy – “Nightride” (Also produced by Jon Silk)

Tom Miller, Kate Glover – “The Phantom Of The Open” (Also produced by Nichola Martin)

Ben Pullen – “The Score” (Also produced by Matthew James Wilkinson)

Nadira Murray – “Winners” (Also produced by Paul Welsh)

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