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Post Apocalyptic Cinema Paradiso with Nolte

by Stewart Cole

Three elderly adults laugh as one plays with a movie camera.

Charlotte Rampling, Nick Nolte, and Stellan Skarsgård in Last words.
Screenshot: Gravitas Ventures / YouTube

There are people who think that’s stupid dedicate your life to movies. The movies are perfunctory. Fleeting. Unimportant. In this, says writer-director Jonathan Nossiter, these may be your celebrities Last words.

This is the title of a new movie starring Nick Nolte, Stellan Skarsgårdand Charlotte Rampling. It sand in 2085, after Tsumani have decimated most of the world leaving only a few precious people alive. Among them is Cal, played by the newcomer Kalipha Touray. He thinks it is the last person on Earth but as he comes to meet a group of people who do not look like himself, he discovers not only humanity … but cinema. Watch the trailer for Last words, which looks somewhat post-apocalyptic Paradise cinema.

Things start out pretty bleak in this trailer, but as you can see, Cal is starting to learn how images, and especially movies, can capture history and preservation of history. What happens from there, so you pay to see the movie. But this trailer really looks like a mix of post-apocalyptic drama with a very unique story to appreciate and preserve the film. And, if you move away from that, you also feel like the kind of movie that would explain why movies can be so important. It is not just entertainment, it is not just art, it is forever snapshots of our craziest dreams and hardest realities.

Plus, I mean, come on. You can not go wrong with many Oscar and Emmy nominees such as Nolte, Skarsgård and Rampling. They are some of our best actors, but they happen to be at this age that they may not have as many opportunities as some others. So it’s great to see them in anything, let alone in something cool and unique like that Last words.

Last words will be released in theaters and upon order on December 17. How do you like the trailer? Will you look for it?

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