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Quantumania’s debut on Disney Plus highlights the biggest problem facing the MCU

by Stewart Cole

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After keeping us in the dark for so long, Miracle Studios has finally released a major release on Disney Plus and confirmed when we can expect two more to hit the platform — news that will either fill you with hope for the future of the MCU or fear for it, depending on your personal levels of pessimism. For beginners, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is finally available to stream, but its arrival has highlighted the most nagging issue currently facing the Multiverse Saga…

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania is finally on Disney Plus, but Marvel doesn’t want you to know

the ant man and the wasp quantumania kang
Image via Marvel Studios

Yes, after a record 87 days since its theatrical release, Quantum mania is now eligible for Disney Plus — and yet, in a strange move, Marvel has remained strangely silent about its social media release. Combine that with the fact that the site’s official synopsis for the film makes no mention of main villain Kang the Conqueror, and it’s extremely clear that the studio is still working on exactly how it wants to handle the Jonathan Majors situation. And given that the franchise has somewhat of a deadline now, thanks to Loki arrival of the second season in the fall, the clock is ticking.

The hunter becomes the hunted as LokiThe second season’s release date means the MCU will go head-to-head with Sony

Image via Marvel Studios

Speaking of which, as you may have heard, Loki The second season officially premieres on October 6th, a date that was already on the radar of Marvel fans as it’s the same day that Sony will release the next live-action Spider-Man movie in theaters. Kraven the Hunter, starring former MCU-er Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Although this is not a cinematic conflict Oppenheimer vs. Barbie proportions, Marvel sure knows what it’s doing to drop the sophomore run of one of its most popular streaming series on the very day its rival franchise is pushing a new movie into theaters.

The Marvels moved from summer 2023 superhero tentpole to buried between two other MCU releases

Image via Marvel Studios

in addition to Loki new episodes premiere every week through October and early November; Echo is also set to release the entire first season on November 29. But don’t forget that slap bang in the middle of these two releases is The Marvels, having previously moved from its planned July expiration date to November 10. The fact that the sequel to Brie Larson’s $1 billion-grossing origin film is being buried like this certainly raises red flags for those always looking for a reason to rave about all things Captain Marvel. And, even for the rest of us, the way Marvel’s 2023 came off so heavily suggests that something isn’t going smoothly here.

More of the latest Marvel news — like a Doctor Strange star crossing the multiverse to join Poison 3 — will charm its way to your door in no time.

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