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Ratatouille 2 movie coming out soon? Speculations about the new sequel

by Stewart Cole

Disney and Pixar are rumored to have a new sequel in the works, Ratatouille 2based on a piece of viral marketing for the film.

Ratatouille 2 movie poster is going viral on the internet

A new Facebook poster teases that Disney and Pixar have plans for a 2007 sequel Ratatouillewhich would be titled RataTWOille during its circulation.

Next to the title card, the poster featured Lou Romano's Alfredo Linguini Gusteau and Patton Oswalt's Remi holding ladles next to a huge pot in the kitchen of Linguini's new bistro, La Ratatouille.

Ratatouille 2 poster

it's not the first time Ratatouille 2 has been teased online as fans have seen a possible trailer for the film's hit YouTube from the SLURP profile in October 2022.

Star Patton Oswalt (via CinemaBlend) teased in 2007 that a sequel “It could be years” explaining that it would have to be the right story and that the studio would make the film “at their own pace:”

“Well, there might be a sequel. It might be years later, but they're not saying, 'Okay, two summers from now there's got to be a sequel.' Of course I'd love to do a sequel to that movie, but I'd love to I'm doing it the way Pixar does it which is, 'Oh, we just got the right story,' and they're going to do it at their own pace.”

He later told Entertainment Weekly (via Comic book) in 2018 which would be “the last to know” if it was a sequel, reiterating that director Brad Bird would have to grow “a really great story” to happen:

“If [a sequel] happens, I'll be the last to know. I don't want a sequel to make a sequel. I want it to be if Brad Bird comes up with a really great story. Then we will.”

Unfortunately, this poster can be considered fake since there is no official news Ratatouille 2 is in development.

Will Disney and Pixar Make Ratatouille 2?

To the dismay of many, Ratatouille 2 appears to be nothing more than a pipe dream, as Disney and Pixar have given no indication that the original film will have a sequel.

While on the press tour for The Incredibles 2 In June 2018, director Brad Bird came close to killing all hope for one Ratatouille continuously, bluntly speaking Digital spy, “You know, I feel that way [Ratatouille] it is said”.

That was about a year before Oswalt did it again Deadline that Bird should be what it should be “[come] he has an idea he likes” with all the possibility of a sequel depending on the director:

“Oh, absolutely. Any sequel to 'Ratatouille' depends on Brad Bird coming up with an idea that he likes and wants to pursue. I like that Pixar goes with the pace of the creators. They wait until something amazing happens. So , if he designed something, that would mean he's had a really big inspiration and wants to do it. I would definitely run and do it.”

There are ideas for where to go with the plot should Ratatouille 2 became a reality, with Linguini and Remy owning their own restaurant and Linguini's relationship with Janeane Garofalo's Colette progressing further.

But with Bird seemingly content to leave this film as a one-off outing, fans shouldn't expect news of a sequel anytime soon, if at all.

Ratatouille now streaming on Disney+.

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