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Reds acquires new Blu-ray for the 40th anniversary

by Stewart Cole

The classic Warren Beatty film of 1981, Red, acquires a new set of two-disc Blu-ray in honor of the film celebrating its 40th anniversary.

The new set has been restored under the supervision of Beatty and has been remastered from the original negative in 4K with High Dynamic Range using a vintage print from the Paramount records as a reference. Print approved by Red Oscar-winning filmmaker Vittorio Storaro. Call it Random Sync as Blu-ray was announced in September, but the late Stephen Sondheim composed the original music for the film.

There is no new bonus content, but the movie is accompanied by a digital copy.


It is noted from interviews with real activists and witnesses of the revolution, Red became an instant classic, transcending time with the eternal history of human passion, belief and weakness. In addition to Beatty, the film boasts an outstanding cast including Diane Keaton, Jack Nicholson, Edward Herrmann, Gene Hackman, Paul Sorvino and Maureen Stapleton, whose performance earned her an Academy Award for Best Actress.

The fascinating depiction of the love story between activists John Reed (Beatty) and Louise Bryant (Keaton) against the backdrop of the outbreak of World War I and the rise of communism in Russia. Red garnered 12 Oscar nominations and won three, including Best Director for Beatty, who also received every other major directorial award of the season. The Oscar-nominated screenplay was written by Beatty and Trevor Griffiths.

Bonus features

  • I confirm Red
    • The EAST
    • Comrades
    • Testimonials
    • March
    • Revolution – Part 1
    • Revolution – Part 2
    • Propaganda
  • Red Motor home

DIRECTED BY: Warren Beatty
Screenwriters: Warren Beatty and Trevor Griffiths
Actors: Warren Beatty, Diane Keaton, Edward Herrmann, Jerzy Kosinski, Jack Nicholson, Paul Sorvino, Maureen Stapleton

Paramount released Reds in theaters on December 25, 1981.

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