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Rhode Island's latest movie Looking for people to be extra

by Stewart Cole

Just days after the shooting on the East Side of Providence, Come on McKay needs some locals.

You've probably heard by now that big name stars are in the Ocean State filming a new big screen drama from legendary director James L. Brooks. You've probably also seen pictures of some of the stars enjoying the nightlife in Rhode Island.

But now you can get even closer to the amazing actors they're associated with Come on McKayby being yourself on set.

Monday morning the streets of Providence near Blackstone Avenue began to transform into a movie set. Even a local church was thrilled with all the truckloads of equipment that arrived.

But for those walking around hoping to discover them, you might want to consider becoming an extra movie.

Yes, extras will be needed for several upcoming scenes in Providence and Cranston in the coming months and the agency Boston Casting is currently hiring for these positions.

Although if you have some musical talent, they may have something completely different for you.

In a recent post on their social networking sites, Boston Casting launched a search for firefighter teams.

Definitely a specific question and although not listed as part of it Come on McKay movie, we can only assume from the shooting dates in early April that this need of the band is part of the motion picture.

Although the film is being shot primarily in Rhode Island in various locations over the next several months, producers say the film is not supposed to take place in Rhode Island or any specific state.

Wherever it takes place, these are the Rhode Island spots you'll see on the big screen Come on McKay.

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