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Sai Palavi’s bold statement about the Bollywood movie – Tamil News

by Joe Bourn

Sai Pallavi’s many poses and features earlier left her fans in complete surprise. It is no secret that the unique personality of the actress has always made her stand out among several actors today. From her make-up policy to being selective in her choice of works, Pallavi is a unique star of the new generation.

In a recent interview, she talked about making Hindi movies in the future. Motivated by the same, Sai said: “Together we would also like to (make a Hindi film) and even if they are individual, I think the script matters.” Nani also added, “If it’s right for me to make this movie, then yes. Not just to be a part of Bollywood or something. “You just have to feel right.”

Sai says that as actors they are always looking for scenarios that provoke and excite them. “I would not say actors, but even when we read a script, we will only read it as someone from the audience. So I think we would always look for scenarios that might excite us and the public. This is in any language, not just Bollywood or anything else. “Any language, even our own, we would like to do something different all the time,” he says.

Sai Pallavi was last seen in her latest release, Shyam Singha Roy starring Nani. The film opened in theaters yesterday and has received good reviews. The drama is directed by Rahul Sankrityan and also begins with Krithi Shetty and Madonna Sebastian.

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