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Salary to the Bollywood stars for each movie

by Joe Bourn

These days OTT platforms have become the first choice of people for entertainment. OTT is full of all kinds of content, so people are also drawn to it. OTT has also given a platform to many young artists. At the same time, many Bollywood stars made their OTT debut. OTT not only gave recognition to these artists, but the stars also received heavy rewards. Today we will tell you about some such OTT stars who charge huge sums for their webcasts.

Bobby Dol

The online show “Ashram” has had three seasons so far, which people also love very much. Bobby Deol has played the character of baba Nirala in this series. According to the news, he has received a salary of 1 to 4 crores for this season.

Esha Gupta

This time esha gupta has also been included in ‘Ashram 3’. In it, she played the character of Sonia. Esha has also given bold scenes with Bobby Deol in the series, due to which she came to the fore after the trailer itself. At the same time, he is said to have received a fee of 25 lakh to 2 crores.

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Chandan Roy Sanyal

Chandan Roy Sanyal played the role of Bhopa Swami in “Ashram”. Bhopa Swami is baba Nirala’s most special person and his character is also quite interesting. It is said that this season, Chandan Roy Sanyal has been paid between 15 and 25 lakh rupees.

Aditi Pohankar

Aditi, who plays wrestler Pammi, is part of the first season of ‘Ashram’. According to the news, Aditi has received a fee of 12 to 20 lakh rupees. At the same time, now Aditi will soon be seen in the second season of the online series “She”.

Tridha Choudhary

Tridha Chaudhary has also been part of ‘Ashram’ since the first season. In it, she plays the character of Babita, which is quite interesting. It is said that tridha has received a fee of Rs 4 to 10 lakh for this season.

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Darshan Kumar

In a row, darshan kumar played the role of Ujagar Singh, a policeman involved in removing Baba Nirala’s dark acts. According to the report, he has charged 15 to 25 lakh for this season.

Pankaj Tripathi

Everyone liked the character of pankaj tripathi in a popular online series like “Mirzapur”. According to reports, pankaj tripathi had charged 10 crore for “Mirzapur 2”. After his success, he got 12 crores for “Sacred Games 2”.

Saif Ali Khan

Saif ali Khan made his OTT debut with “Sacred Games”. In the series, he was seen playing the role of a police officer. According to the report, ali KHAN ‘target = “_ blank” title = “saif ali khan-The latest updates, photos, videos are a click away, CLICK NOW ‘> Saif ali Khan received a fee of 15 crores for both seasons of the Sacred Games.

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