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Salman Khan: I was scared when I started playing my character in “Antim” | Hindi Movie News

by Stewart Cole
“Antim” by Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma has received praise from audiences and critics. Led by Mahesh Manjrekar, the film brought moviegoers back to theaters, bringing together good collections at the box office.

Regarding the success of the film, Salman Khan recently had an interaction with the media, where he revealed to ETimes that he was nervous about playing a police officer in “Antim”, which is clearly a different role compared to the roles of the police officer who played in the past. .

We asked the actor if he was nervous about playing his role in “Antim”, which had subtle but strong influences. Answering this question, Salman said: “I knew in my mind what I wanted to do with the character. I wanted to play it exactly as I was told. Mahesh had the same thought. But when I started playing the character, I was scared, ki yaar main kucch kar nahi raha hoon (I do nothing). But then I gained confidence from the fact that Aayush was playing his character the way I thought I should play mine. And if I played my character that way, then the character uska marta tha (would be canceled). We could not both play our characters the same way. Aayush plays a strong man, but he has that anger inside him. My character in “Antim” has a smile. Paani bhi fekega toh haske phekega (Even if he exercised his power, he would do it with a smile). So he knows his power. Even when talking to politicians, he will have a smile on his face. This is how I portrayed my character. It was a lot of fun. ”

We further asked if Salman gave any details about the character he plays on the screen. The actor replied: “Mahesh and I had our contribution. In the movie I play an inspector and a sardari. So I had to watch my role. Whether it is for any community or culture, I must be careful to play the corresponding role. You need to respect the community and glorify it in the right way. I’ve done it in all my movies. ” Salman also revealed that he will end up hurting himself with the kada he wore in the movie. The actor said: “As you were trying to go back to the scenes, oh let go of the lags and let your hands start to hurt.”

Salman is currently focusing on “Antim” promotions and will travel to India’s metro cities. The actor confirmed that he traveled to Gujarat, Delhi and possibly to his hometown of Indore to promote “Antim” with the film crew.

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