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Sega wants to turn Persona into a live-action show or movie

by Stewart Cole

Over the years Personality has seen a steady rise from a niche RPG series to a bona fide success — so the next natural step is a live-action adaptation. Although nothing is officially in the works yet, Toru Nakahara, producer on the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movies, he says it’s something Sega is exploring.

“Atlus’ worlds are filled with high drama, cutting-edge style, and compelling characters.” Nakahara said IGN. “Stories like these from Personality The franchise really resonates with our fans, and we see an opportunity to expand the cult like no one has seen – or played – before.” More directly, he said that “together, Sega and Atlus, are working to bring these stories to life and the worlds through new media and for new audiences’.

The news comes at a time when seemingly every popular video game is being adapted in some way, from Sony shows based on Twisted metal, The last of usand Ghost of Tsushima in the Super Mario cartoon film from the group behind Minions (which somehow will star Chris Pratt in the title role). Netflix, meanwhile, has gone all-in on gaming adaptations following the success of series like The Witcher and The Cuphead Show. Sega, of course, had great success with their live action Sonic the Hedgehog film, which spawned a sequel that hit theaters earlier this year.

It is doubtful whether the world is influenced by anime Personality would be a great fit for a live-action adaptation, but the news comes when the series is as popular as ever following news that the latest titles will be coming to new platforms like the Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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