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Series, Sprite and Ikaris Powers

by Stewart Cole

Scenes from Eternals by Chloé Zhao.
Gif: Marvel Studios

While Eternal is one of the most Marvel cosmically oriented features until today, director Choé Zhao created the film with a special focus on the emphasis on the natural beauty of the Earth that made the Eternals fall in love with the planet for the first time. Finding a balance between of the brand widescreen glasses and moments that feel “human” was one of the biggest challenges for Zhao and the others EternalThe creative team faced and in a new feature, VFX supervisor Stephane Ceretti talks about how did they do that.

In the new video, Ceretti analyzes some of EternalMore fancy scenes — when Sersi, Sprite, and Ikaris all clash with Deviant Kro one night in Camden — and explains how much digital art it took to make the characters’ powers and presences feel real. Fidelity to this scene, Ceretti described, was the biggest hurdle because of how technically complex Sprite’s illusory powers are and Sersi’s ability to transform inorganic matter from VFX’s point of view. “Well, it was all about trying to find the right momentum — the right animation for the bus and for Icarus and Croe who hit it,” Ceretti recalls. “So it was very important for us to know, you know, all the distance and speed for the bus and where everyone had to be at that time to make sure everything was in place.”

Exciting As the Eternals face-to-face battle with Kro was about to nail it, it was the way Sersi ended up rescuing a bus driver. from death turning his bus into a mass of rose petals who ended up thanking Ceretti more. Although a real bus was used to create the shot, Ceretti and his team were able to work with a digital model after scanning the real one., giving them the flexibility to throw it away before turning it into something completely new. “We tend to do a lot of disaster in our films and it was not such a moment,” Ceretti said. “It was a moment of danger that transforms into a moment of beauty, and it is somewhat magical and whimsical. The makes the film a little unique in that sense. “

Eternal is now in cinemas.

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