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Shudder’s new horror director horror film

by Stewart Cole

Terrified is one of the best horror films of the 2010s and the director’s next work is on the horizon. When Evil Lurks, by Demian Rugna, was acquired by Shudder streaming service for international distribution.

The film with the monsters, about two brothers in a small village trying to stop a demon-possessed man from giving “evil itself”, is Rugna’s fifth directorial endeavor. Shudder released his latest film, Terrified – the Argentine title Aterrados – in 2018 with great success from critics, and both parties want to continue working together. “We are pleased to continue our relationship with the team that brought Terrified to Shudder audiences,” said Emily Gotto, Vice President of Acquisitions and Co-Production at Shudder. Variety. “When Evil Lurks has an incredible script and a script, we’re excited to be collaborating from this early stage as Shudder Original Production.”

The photo, which will be released in March 2022 for possible release later this year, is of two brothers in a small village who discovered a man “infected” by demons who seems ready to give birth to more evil. In their attempt to get rid of the monster, by the way, they make everything much worse.

“When Evil Lurks will be a double challenge for me and the viewer – complex on stage and also very intense for anyone watching it,” says Rugna. “I had to leave the plan of a limited production to break with everything. “This movie will be my relief, a release of disturbing images that have accumulated in my mind all these years like a pressure cooker.”

Fernando Diaz is producing with Rugna, having worked at Terrified. When Evil Lurks will be the feature-length debut for La Puerta Roja, a new production company from Diaz’s Machaco Films and Roxana Ramos Aramos Cine.

“We are trying to tell a macabre story with an extremely oppressive and realistic atmosphere, but at a frantic pace, without abandoning a strong narrative,” Diaz added in a statement. “A genuine universe that redefines the stories of evil and curses.”

Not much is revealed, but it sounds like When Evil Lurks will look like Terrified as it takes place in Argentina and examines the culture and society of the South American country. We will keep you informed – in the meantime, take a look at the best horror movies of 2021 and you can subscribe to Shudder through us associate link here.

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