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Speculation is mounting for a Gambit Cameo after a recent update on the film’s IMDb page

by Stewart Cole

There was a time when Channing Tatum was locked in to play the X-Men character Gambit in his own solo film. Originally scheduled for release in 2016, the project was plagued by constant creative problems and delays before the Disney/Fox merger sealed its fate when the spin-off, along with several other projects, were scrapped.

Tatum has since shared his disappointment at not being given the chance to take on the role of the fan-favorite mutant, but is now expected to get a second chance in Deadpool 3.

Rumors suggesting he would finally suit up as Gambit on screen began making the rounds last summer, with Tatum later said to be seen in a comically expensive outfit. Now, however, we may have further evidence to suggest that this episode will happen.

Deadpool 3The IMDb page was recently updated, with Joel Adrien added as Tatum’s stunt double. It would be remiss not to point out that anyone can make changes to the site, of course, but this is such a minor tweak that it seems almost pointless for someone to do it as a way to troll fans (especially since Tatum’s return has been rumored here and months).

We’ll see, but while we’re taking this update with a grain of salt, Wolverine and Wade Wilson are telling us something I will they cross paths with the card-carrying Cajun the following year.

It’s unclear how big a role the actor will have in Deadpool 3, though we’d imagine he’ll be a member of the X-Men alongside rumored returnees James Marsden, Famke Janssen, and Halle Berry. They are expected to reprise their roles as Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Storm, and are likely to wear costumes inspired by the comics.

Taylor Kitsch previously played the character X-Men Origins: Wolverinebut a funny cameo from Tatum would be a fun way to give him a chance to play the Cajun hero…and take full advantage of what Marvel’s Multiverse has.

Speaking of losing the protagonist First moveTatum previously said he had stayed “injured” from experience, adding that, “I’m turning off [his] Marvel Machine” and couldn’t watch any of the other Marvel movies. Why; Because “I loved that character. It was so sad. It was like I lost a friend because I was so ready to play him.”

Deadpool 3 It is currently slated to hit theaters on May 3, 2024.

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