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Stream new shows and movies on Netflix, HBO Max, Prime Video and more

by Stewart Cole

Every week, I scour the web and the many streaming services I subscribe to for the best new TV shows, movies, documentaries, comedy specials and more to help you find the best content to watch every weekend.

I do this for myself too. It’s hard to keep track of everything, and it keeps me a little more organized, although I know I’m still missing things (especially alternative content like TikTok and YouTube videos — I’m always looking for suggestions for Twitter and Facebook if you have any!)

Check out last week’s streaming guide here.

ForbesWhat to watch this weekend: New streaming shows and movies on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video and more

I also tend to include at least one cinema release, because I love going to the movies and want to share that love with all of you. It would (will?) be a sad day when movie theaters go the way of the video game arcade.

Okay, let’s start this guide with the show I’m most excited for this weekend. . . .

House Of The Dragon Season 2 (June 16 on HBO / Max)

This is an amazing trailer, for a second season that I hope lives up to and surpasses the first. House of the Dragon is excellent and I was impressed by the quality of acting, writing and direction in Season 1. I haven’t watched any of Season 2 yet, but I’m excited to watch and comment this Sunday—Father’s Day! The Game of Thrones The prequel is very different from its predecessor, but has some of the best performances in the entire series. I didn’t get screeners for this one, unfortunately, but I’ll continue to review each week here on this blog, so be sure to follow me here for updates.

The Boys Season 4 (Prime Video)

I’m a big fan of the often ridiculous, almost always over the top and outrageously dumb The boys but i’m a little nervous about season 4. I liked it Gen V, a spinoff that takes place between the previous and current seasons of the main series, but I’ve heard disturbing things about this season. That is, politics is very hard and heavy. Hopefully it’s still good, crazy fun. Think I’ll start it tonight though almost I’m done with Outer Range so we’ll see. . . .

Presumed Innocent (Apple TV)

Talk about great casting. Jake Gyllenhaal is perfect as District Attorney Rusty Sabich who (SPOILERS) is accused of murdering his colleague and lover, Carolyn Polhemus (Renate Reinsve). Based on the 1990 Harrison Ford mystery thriller, the new Apple TV+ drama is excellent so far, although I’ve only watched two episodes. Gyllenhaal is perfect in the role because he’s just the kind of actor who can do that “did he or didn’t he?” role. I have no idea! I will have a separate review for this and recap each week from now on. I really need to see the original movie, but I think I’ll hold off until the show is over. I honestly can’t remember much about it. (The rest of the cast, from Peter Sarsgaard to Ruth Negga, Bill Camp and OT Fagbenle are also terrific).

Blue Lights Season 2 (BritBox)

I absolutely love Blue Lights, the Irish police procedural that has just finally landed on BritBox for its second season. Season 1 was great, with really great characters and this very immediate sense of what it’s like to be a police officer in East Belfast, where anti-police, pro-Catholic and anti-English sentiments run high. Season 2 takes us into Loyalist territory, and while I didn’t enjoy it as much as Season 1 (mainly because some of the plot seems to jump forward in weird ways at times), I still think it’s great. Not as great as Happy Valley but it scratches the same itch. Two more episodes will be released next Thursday, and then two more the Thursday after that.

Bridgerton Season 3, Part 2 (Netflix)

I’d rather watch the ice melt than watch bridgerton, but I know it’s extremely popular even if it’s not my cup of tea. Season 3, Part 2 of the Regency London period drama returned this week to the masses of fans. If you happen to be among them, you’re in luck!

Ultraman: Rising (Netflix)

Netflix’s latest family movie is getting rave reviews from fans, and it’s not hard to see why. The titular Ultraman is a defender of Tokyo, but the man behind the mask – Ken Sato – finds that defending Tokyo may not be his most difficult task. When he discovers a baby kaiju and takes on the role of parent, that’s when the real challenge begins.

The Acolyte (Disney+)

I’m having trouble getting in The Follower on Disney+. This may actually be the understatement of the century. The first two episodes were okay. It hadn’t absorbed me at all, but it wasn’t the worst Star Wars show, either. Episode 3 was just horrible though, although I’m happy to say episode 4 is better. Will the rest of the 8-episode season change things? The Supreme Democracy will begin to be an interesting time and setting for a Star Wars projection? And what will become of the Jedi Wookie, Kelnacca? New episodes come out on Tuesdays.

Dark Matter (Apple TV+)

I’m woefully behind Dark matter because I started eating Outer Range and then I had The follower, presumed innocent and various and various other shows appear (and rewatch Andor and its 1st season True detective with family members who haven’t seen them yet). But I’ll try not to overdo it, because the first two episodes were extremely interesting and there are two episodes left (to be released on the next two Wednesdays). Apple is really killing it lately, I must say.

Inside Out 2 (In theaters)

Our theatrical release of the week is Inside Out 2. I really enjoyed the original, which was such a clever idea and one of Pixar’s best films of that era. Well, that time was nine years ago (gulp) and my kids were 8 and 5 at the time, just about the right age for a movie about a kid and his uncontrollable emotions. Now my kids are 17 and 14 and the movie is all about teenage emotions and hormones and all the chaos that comes with that. It’s like Pixar timed these movies just for us!

Other things to watch out for this weekend include the fictional period drama Elizabeth starring Gwyneth Paltrow on the rise of Queen Elizabeth I (on Starz), the 77th Annual Tony Awardss (June 16 on Paramount+) and a new episode of Doctor Who on Disney+.

What are you watching these days? Anything I should know? Inform me Twitter and Facebook.

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