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Sydney Sweeney’s Spider-Man gets a new cast

by Stewart Cole

Sony’s Marvel Universe has had many ups and downs over the years, but the studio is still consistent in introducing new characters to its own shared universe. One of these characters is Madame Web, a notable ally of Spider-Man from Marvel Comics. The upcoming Madame Web The film will make its Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney debut as protagonists, although Sweeney’s respective characters are still unknown.

Madame Web will be directed by TV director SJ Clarkson. The plot details are still kept secret, but the character’s connection to Web of Life and Destiny could trigger another Multiversal event involving Tom Holland Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire web-slinger and friendly Andrew Garfield’s neighborhood hero.


Sony president Tom Rothman has revealed that shooting for Madame Web would start earlier than later, which means other members of the cast could be announced soon. Now, a new report has revealed that another actor has entered the upcoming Marvel adventure.

The Ghostbusters actress participates in Sony’s “Madame Web”

Variety shared that Celeste O’Connor (Ghostbusters: Afterlife) has joined his cast Madame Webone of the upcoming movies at Sony’s Marvel Universe.


The newspaper noted that O’Connor’s role is still unknown. The actress is about to join the Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Gray) and Sydney Sweeney (Euphoria) in Spider-Man’s spinoff movie.


Variety described Madame Web as one “history of origin” for the title of the character, noting that the film is about a clairvoyant whose mental abilities allow her to see into the “spider world” himself. At Marvel Comics, Madame Web is an elderly woman with a chronic autoimmune disorder that requires her to connect to a cobweb-like life support system.

Except Ghostbusters: AfterlifeO’Connor is best known for their roles The In Between, Freaky, and Irreplaceable you.

Who will Celeste O’Connor play on “Madame Web”?

While Variety did not give details about the role of Celeste O’Connor Madame Webthere are several choices as to who the actress will play in the film.


It was previously reported that Marvel Studios initially wanted Zendaya to become a superhero, but in the end, the studio rejected the idea. Fans have believed that There is no way home The actress could have played the superhero Jackpot at the MCU, especially since she saw Tom Holland’s reaction when the issue was raised.

Sony could still plan to introduce the Jackpot on the line, but Madame Web could serve as his golden opportunity due to the female cast of the film. O’Connor could make his Marvel debut as a Jackpot in the film, thus reinforcing the interconnected stories of the Sony Marvel character universe.


If O’Connor does play Jackpot, how the character fits into the story is a whole different matter. Although the character has zero links to Madame Web, an aftermarket is similar to this one. Morbius made with Michael Keaton’s Vulture is entirely feasible.

Other roles O’Connor could play are an original character associated with either Dakota Johnson’s Mdame Web or Sydney Sweeney or ghost Busters The actress could end up playing Julia Carpenter, also known as Spider-Woman.

Madame Web to be released in theaters on June 7, 2023.


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