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Taika Waititi says the upcoming sports movie was an “antidote” to Thor

by Stewart Cole

Taika Waititithe director of the two most recent Thor superhero movies, said that his upcoming sports film Next Goal Wins was an antidote to work in the MCU. Waititi, who is known for his particularly bawdy humor, has most recently led the divisive action comedy Thor 4, Thor: Love and Thunder.

Love and Thunder doubled down on its more humor-centric version MCU character, which Waititi pioneered with Thor: Ragnarok. Since the action movie, Hemsworth didn’t shy away from saying he’s tired of the character. He said that the character needs a break and that if he were to return as the Norse God it would have to be in a radically different direction.

Now, Waititi has also shared a sense of fatigue with superhero movie projects. Talking to you Empire on how his new film Next Goal Wins rejuvenated him, he said: “It was a great antidote to doing Thor and Jojo Rabbit. Not that there’s anything negative about doing these other films, but I missed home so much.”

While Waititi says his work on previous films wasn’t a negative experience, he still makes it clear that his time directing Next Goal Wins was a much-needed and welcome break. Next goal wins, which is a movie based on a true storywill follow a football manager tasked with turning one of the world’s worst football teams into one of the best.

Comedy will star X-Men movie Magneto Michael Fassbender in the lead, along with Elisabeth Moss and Will Arnett. The film is set to release in the first half of 2023 on April 21. For more MCU-related fun, check out our guide to what’s coming up Phase 5as Marvels release date and Ant-Man 3 release date.

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