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The 3 Most Viewed Netflix Movies Last Week (December 6-12)

by Stewart Cole

Netflix It will close the new year by positioning itself as the most popular streaming service in the world, and this is due to a huge list of content that makes viewers talk about every exclusive release. It already had its premieres this month The Money Heist and wait The Witcher, Emily in Paris, Cobra Kai and many more, although from the cinema side there were also some interesting arrivals that were added to the main audience rankings this week. See which were the cassettes with the most screenings from the 6th to the 12th of December!

The last few days we have had a great appearance in the movie Unforgivable, a story starring Sandra Bullock about a woman who is released from prison and returns to a society that refuses to forget its past and has a hostile reception. In two days, on December 15, one of the most anticipated productions will come: It was the hand of GodWritten, produced and directed by Paolo Sorrentino, a very personal story that has received critical acclaim.

+ The 3 most watched Netflix movies in the past week

3- The strength of the dog

On the first day of the month, this feature film starring Benedict Cumberbuth arrived and over time climbed among users around the world. Follow Phil Burbank, a charismatic hotshot that causes fear and admiration around him. When his brother returns home to a new wife and her son, Phil starts torturing them… until he sees the possibility of falling in love.

2- Rich and well-groomed

The French remake of the Mexican film We Nobles, but this time starring Gerard Zuno, Camille Lou, Bread and Luca Meliava. He is a billionaire who is tired of the whims of his own children and decides to give them a lesson by announcing that they are broken, so now teenagers have to go to work and appreciate life.

1- Red alarm

As usual for a little over a month, this movie full of stars like Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds reached the top of the Top 3 audience last week. An Interpol agent receives a warning to chase one of the most wanted criminals on the planet, but he has to ally with another rival criminal from the past and no one knows what will happen.

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