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The 3 Worst Movie Finishes in Recent Movie History

by Stewart Cole

It is becoming more and more common to hear reviews of a movie or series based on its ending. Today, Lost continues to receive criticism from fans who still do not tolerate everything that happened at the end of the series they ordered JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. However, the series offered great moments, such as “Not Penny’s Boat” or the episode “The Constant” which should make it one of the great fiction of recent years.

On the big screen the situation is similar and it is a kind of science fiction that usually receives the most criticism from the public. We are used to being given the answers to everything and we are not content with open ends. But we also do not like the obvious closures or off-record with the rest of the film, as in the case of Interstellar, another production that was challenged by some not so loyal fans Christopher Nolan, to whom they still do not forgive what they did Doctrine. Here are three of the worst movies to close the new millennium.

Planet of the Apes

in 2001, Tim Burton made a remake of the classic sci-fi from the late 60’s. Mark Wahlberg As the main protagonist, the production had everything to become a new classic. However, some differences with the studio, which asked the director for more epic scenes, along with the ending, made it somewhat forgotten. The movie ends with Leo Davidson returning to what appears to be his Earth, to find a planet where monkeys are the ones who rule.

Matrix Revolutions

One of the trilogies that caused the most controversy was the one they did the Wachowski sisters. In 1999, The Matrix hit theaters and became an undisputed jewel of science fiction. Four years later, two sequels were released that promised to delve into this universe. However, they ended up confusing many fans who did not accept the exaggeration of philosophy and that closure with the architect and the oracle along with Neo, after being sacrificed for defeat Blacksmith.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The pressure for Episode IX from Star Wars it was giant. The film should not only end the sequel trilogy but also close what became known as the “Skywalker Saga”. However, his appearance Palpatine, his sacrifice Kylo Ren and the end at which in the end it is not known who the parents are Ray (taking the surname Skywalker) were left in a nonsense that seemed to build the whole movie in pursuit of fan service.

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