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The Beatles movie “Midas Man” is hiring a new director. Statement by Jonas Akerlund – Deadline

by Stewart Cole

EXCLUSIVE: Midas Man, the biographical film of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, has hired a new director as he wants to return to production as soon as possible.

Sara Sugarman, known for directing films, including musical comedy Vinyl, Lifetime’s House of Versace and Disney Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen, is recently boarded.

As we revealed earlier this month, the film came to a standstill as producers tried to replace director Jonas Akerlund.

Ackerlund told us today: “I’m sorry things did not go as planned. Midas Man. Congratulations to Jacob [Fortune-Lloyd] and the best team with the film “.

The Queen Gambit Co-star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd stars as Epstein in the biopic, alongside Emily Watson, Eddie Marsan, Lukas Gage, Rosie Day and Bill Milner. The play chronicles Epstein’s role in the creative boom of the 1960s and his remarkable influence on pop music.

We understand that the terms of departure are being discussed with Akerlund and that he could receive praise for the film as the production will not return scenes already in the box. Some basic crew will remain, others will be replaced.

Sources close to our production have reaffirmed that the director’s departure from the film is largely due to the belief that other commitments were hindering Akerlund’s work. Midas Man.

“The Queen’s Gambit” star Jacob Fortune-Lloyd plays Brian Epstein.

Filming began last month in Liverpool but has been suspended for almost three weeks. The producers plan to return to pre-production next week and hope to resume filming on November 29. Filming is set to continue until early February in the UK and US

The film still has some important roles to be revealed, including the actors playing Fab Four.

British director Sara Sugarman grew up near Liverpool and in her teens was herself in a band. He has worked on many music projects, including Vinyl and Very Annie Mary, and also had a supporting role in the rock biopic of rock Sid and Nancy. He recently directed the film Sky Original Save The Cinema, which is expected to be released in January, starring Samantha Morton, Tom Felton, Jonathan Pryce and Adeel Akhtar.

Midas Man Production of StudioPOW and Trevor Beattie Films. Twickenham Studios president Sunny Vohra and former Lionsgate president Nicola Pearcey are among the executive producers. It is made in collaboration with Er Dong Pictures which is going to distribute the film in China. Mister Smith manages global sales and has signed a handful of international agreements. The original screenplay is based on a story by Brigitte Grant and written by Jonathan Wickham.

Director and music director Akerlund is best known for films such as Sundance pic Lords Of Chaos, Polar with Mads Mikkelsen and music videos for Paul McCartney, Madonna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift. He was also going to participate in his soundtrack Midas Man. The Swedish director remains in post-production on Netflix TV series Clark.

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