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The Cree actor hopes to inspire Indigenous people to pursue careers in film and media

by Stewart Cole

“I really want to show the fact that there is no wrong way to do this and there is a real hunger for indigenous stars and stories. It’s really great that we can finally tell our own stories instead of the classic Hollywood white people making things up or the focus being the white savior.”

While the first episode will be an introduction to himself, the second will feature an interview with two-spirit pro boxer turned actress Kali Reis. The third episode will feature long-time actor Darrell Dennis and the fourth is with up-and-coming actress Anna Lambe. The first three episodes will be available on all podcast platforms from November 26th with the fourth episode scheduled for release on December 17th.

The idea to launch the podcast came after Montgrand was looking for a similar one and failed to do so.

“Being an Indigenous actor myself, I wanted to hear about other people’s stories,” he said. “There are random interviews out there on different platforms, but there wasn’t anything dedicated just to Indigenous actors.”

So far, Montgrand believes the project is gaining traction and is excited to see where it goes. He believes this is the time of the indigenous renaissance, noting that there is a thirst for indigenous actors and stories.

“We want to give all these different actors from different nations a chance to really share their culture and what country they’re from, and so I think that will help educate the audience, too, that we’re very different.” said Montgrand.

“I really hope that we inspire other Indigenous people who have never considered it as a viable option and I just really hope to make people even more proud of who they are.”

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