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The director of “Red Notice” is teasing a possible sequel to the latest success of The Rock

by Stewart Cole

The success of Netflix Red alert may follow if the film’s director gets his way.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed regarding the flow greenlighting giant a Red alert 2, that did not stop screenwriter-director Rawson Marshall Thurber from talking about the direction he would like to take in his critical and commercial success starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson.

Thurber has previously confirmed that he is in talks to continue with Netflix, which should come as no surprise as the film has recently been confirmed as one of the biggest streaming movie hits ever, a fact that Johnson recently took to Instagram to celebrate last holiday weekend.

In a recent interview, Thurber admitted that he “definitely caresses” with what he wants to do for the time being, but that nothing has been officially set in motion at the moment, according to Looper.

As for the details of the plot of what Thurber envisions as a sequel Red alert, said he would continue exactly where the previous film stopped – at the Louvre in France.

While the first film centered around three high-class thieves competing – but ultimately in alliance – with each other, we never got to see what the Trinity sign at the Louvre was because of a cut-off, Thurber explained.

“We cut what our three heroes stole from the Louvre,” he said.

Although the writer-director stopped saying what a valuable work of art it was in the original script, the world-famous art museum houses pieces as rare as the Mona Lisa and Aphrodite of Milos.

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