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‘The Flash’ Fails to Beat Marvel’s 20-Year Box Office Failure as ‘Fantastic Four’ Pioneer Speaks Out

by Stewart Cole

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You have to wonder if James Gunn knew the Herculean task he had on his hands when he agreed to permanently trade the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the altogether more chaotic DCU, with The Flash underscoring the enormity of the job on its hands to stop the box office bleeding.

It may not have had a creative quality, but the fact that the film couldn’t break the opening weekend of a pre-MCU flop released 20 years ago ensured that things would get off to a pretty disastrous start. Otherwise, a much-hyped frontrunner for a key role in the Fantastic Four is more than open to the idea, while an underrated reboot has captured the imagination once again.

The lightning it can’t even beat a 20 year old Marvel movie at the box office

Hulk 2003

Thanks to a $55 million opening weekend, The lightning can safely be called DC’s latest big disappointment after just three days in theaters. As modest as these numbers are, they are even worse when comparable titles are used as a yardstick.

That’s lower than Tim Story’s The fantastic four and Ang Lee Vesselwhich hit theaters 18 and 20 years ago respectively, while also being only a shade above 2011’s Green Lantern and 1995’s Batman Forever, which underscores James Gunn’s terrifying new work.

The fantastic four the pioneer seems more than happy to be in the mix

The fantastic four
through 20th Century Fox

If you have been anywhere near the The fantastic four been rumored recently, then chances are you’ve seen Vanessa Kirby’s name pop up more than once, and Mission impossible The alum seems excited to be in the conversation.

During a recent interview, she admitted that it would be an “honour” to suit up as Sue Storm, but depending on whether you believe the scuttlebutt or not, she may have already signed on the dotted line a long time ago.

The Punisher which came after The Punisher but before The Punisher finds a whole new audience

Marvel has always struggled to get the Punisher off the ground in live-action – with even Jon Bernthal’s popular tenure as the character suffering from Netflix’s terrifying bloat after two 13-episode seasons, but it’s Thomas Jane who’s winning over the new converts recently. .

The 2004 take on Frank Castle has ended up as one of the most popular movies on Netflix this week, and there are plenty of people willing to die on the hill that is the best Punisher of them all.

That’s it for another week of all things Marvel, but be sure to come back tomorrow for our next fix.

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