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The Flash movie reveals a stunning new look for Barry Allen

by Stewart Cole

Despite lagging behind in TV real estate, Marvel has long surpassed DC in the silver screen. But recent news has given DC fans reason to hope that the Crosstown Rivalry can be done soon. With Michael Keaton’s new Bat-suit for The lightning and Bat girl has already appeared, and with set photos showing Xolo Maridueña’s costume for Blue beetle doing the tour, fans enjoy another treat with images from the Las Vegas Licensing Fair.

These photos show a much brighter suit than the one he wore in the past The lightning starring Ezra Miller, something much closer in tone to the costume worn by Grant Gustin playing Flash in the CW series. More specifically, the suit seems to consist of only one piece, in contrast to the suit that Miller had. Justice League and the “Knightmare” sequence at the end Zack Snyder’s Justice League. A closer look reveals some lines and textures that have been processed in the suit, which can ignite with lightning when Flash summons the Speed ​​Force. The Flash logo design supports this theory, as the dashed lines surround the traditional circle and the lightning bolts.

While the costume shown in these images may initially be reminiscent of the classic Flash suit that debuted with Barry Allen in 1956, these speed lines fit better with Jim Lee’s redesign of the New 52. As in in comics, the lightning in the insignia appears beyond the boundaries of the circle and the circle itself has a silver sheen. Similarly, the lines around the mouth in the Flash mask create a jagged, lightning bolt.

That said, there are still some clear differences from the comedian costume. Most notably, the back of the Flash helmet remains elongated, though less pronounced than in the Zack Snyder-directed films. While the edges of the gloves and the Flash belt have more of a clean lightning bolt shape than in previous movie versions, they do not attach enough, a break from the usual comic book costume.

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