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The FX boss says the TV show is as different from the movies as aliens and aliens. Reveals key new story details

by Stewart Cole

FX president John Landgraf has revealed some interesting new details about Noah Hawley’s upcoming project Alien TV series, confirming that it will move on from well-known characters and companies. Check it out…

Disney is now in charge of it Alien franchise and after the successful Predator reboot Smooth, there’s a lot of excitement to see what the studio has in store for the equally iconic Xenomorphs. We know a TV series is in the works Fargo and Legion Showrunner Noah Hawley, of course, and FX president John Landgraf are now sharing some exciting new details.

Confirming that all scripts have been delivered before filming begins next year, the executive revealed that the series will move away from familiar settings…and companies.

Asked if the Weylan-Yutani company is a big part of the show, Landgraf said: “The Alien cinematic universe is that it’s a world dominated by large corporate entities, and Weylan-Yutani was involved in an important element of the films.”

“There are references to this company in this show. But it actually takes place in the territory of a different company that Noah invented.”

It looks like we’re getting a whole new start and the FX boss will continue to say the network’s approach to it Alien The TV series compared to the previous films is as different as James Cameron’s Aliens was By Sir Ridley Scott Alien.

“I’m a huge fan of Alien and Aliens and I remember seeing them both in the theater and how shockingly original and surprising each of them was in their own way.” Landgraf explained. “And so, similar to his approach to Fargo, Noah decided not to take Ripley or any character from Alien – except maybe the xenomorph himself – but to go back and understand what made the franchise so great and so enduring at the beginning and see if he could come up with an experience that would be like walking into a theater and seeing one of those first two movies, where you’re caught off guard.”

We’re excited to see the direction the show is headed in, and while some fans may be disappointed that we won’t be focusing on familiar locations and characters, an argument can be made that it’s time to move on (this was evident from what we saw in Prometheus and Alien: Covenant).

We hope to have more on this to share with you soon!

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