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The latest Instagram feature: Why enter a comment when you could film a reel?

by Stewart Cole

Instagramits latest offering to get more people to create (and watch) content on it Tik Tok antagonist Spools is a new feature called “Reels Visual Replies. »

The most basic description for Reels Visual Replies is that it allows users to respond to each other’s comments with Reels instead of text. But to be clear, the tool does not allow users to connect to each other with pre-made wheels. is for response with a brand new spool created specifically for the comment.

So, for example, let’s say you post about your experience with an eye shadow palette and then a commenter in your post asks if you have samples of a particular shade in real time. If you click the Reply to comment button, you will see a new camera-shaped option to respond with a pop-up Reel. Press this button and it will ask you to film a Reel in response.

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Once the Reel is complete, Instagram will turn it into a sticker that you can send to the commenter.

It’s unclear whether Reel will also be added to your account feeds / content library, or whether it will simply appear as a response to this one post.

Instagram debuted Reels Visual Replies in a tweet this morning, saying: “We love the communities that creators have created on Instagram. That’s why we’re excited to release Reels Visual Replies, a new way to interact with your audience. “

The drop comes amid a series of other product revelations, tests and launches from Instagram, Facebookand their owner After.

Just on Instagram, recently announced features include “Rage Shake, which allows users to submit support slips by shaking their phones. “Take a break», Timeout alerts that appear every 10, 20 or 30 minutes. “Add your own», A sticker that turns Stories into public threads where other people can respond with their own Stories. and over the weekend, head of Instagram Adam Mosseri went in depth with the platform’s plans to reset the timetables.

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