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The most popular movies on Netflix right now besides ‘Me Time’

by Stewart Cole

“Me Time” is currently the most popular movie on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

The new buddy comedy stars Kevin Hart as a stay-at-home dad who reconnects with his ex-best friend – played by Mark Wahlberg – for an epic weekend while his family is out of town. “Me Time” premiered on August 26 to generally negative reviews.

Next in the ranking is another Netflix original – the rom-com “Look Both Ways,” which debuted on August 17. Lili Reinhart stars as a woman whose life and romantic future diverge into two parallel realities after graduating from college.

Another Netflix rom-com also made the current ranking after hitting the platform on August 25. “That’s Amor” follows a California woman named Sofia who loses her job and her relationship in one day but finds love and meaning again after meeting a charming Spanish chef.

On the darker side of things, “Loving Adults” is a new Danish thriller about adultery and sacrifice. Nicholas Cage’s 2019 crime thriller “Running with the Devil” is also trending right now.

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