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The Netflix thriller, a Top 10 film in 55 countries in its first week

by Stewart Cole

The first Netflix movie in Denmark, Dear Adultsjust made its debut on the streamer — and, based on early data, it looks to be a hit right out of the gate.

The moviewhich is #3 on Netflix in the US today, is too the #1 non-English movie on Netflix worldwide right now. This is based on the latest global version of Netflix The top 10 figureswhich show that Dear Adults (from director Barbara Rothenborg) amassed 17.4 million viewing hours worldwide during the 7-day period ending August 28.

And here’s the even more impressive part: In its first week of release? The film – about a married couple who seem to have it all, right down to a betrayal – made the streamer’s top 10 list in 55 countries in its first week of release.

Dear Adults Netflix movie

In its center Dear Adults The story is the characters of Christian (Dar Salim) and Leonora (Sonia Richter). They have a son — and, seemingly, the perfect life together. Additionally, their son just received a clean bill of health after a long illness. In other words, the future for everyone seems to be looking bright.

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“Loving Adults” was Netflix’s #1 non-English movie worldwide for the 7-day period ending August 28th. Image credit: Andreas Bastiansen/Netflix

That is, until Leonora sees her husband in the company of a younger woman. She is an architect named Xenia, and Christian is with her at a party organized by his company. The film thus begins to look like one of the oldest stories in the book. Except, that is, for Leonara to make a decision right there on the spot. The woman who gave up her career for love decides she’s not going to be the woman left behind.

“To me, Dear Adults it’s a dark and twisted, compelling yet sexy film about the terrible things we men and women can do to each other if we push it too far,” Rothenborg says in Netflix press materials for the film. “It’s about the very fine line between love and hate – and how jealousy and bitterness can bring out the worst in all of us.”

Favorite adult netflix
Another production from the Netflix movie “Loving Adults”. Image credit: Andreas Bastiansen/Netflix

Ratings and reaction

Dear Adults currently has an audience rating of 64%. Rotten tomatoes as of this writing. “Tender Adults on Netflix it’s literally the best movie I’ve (seen) in a long timemy,” one Twitter user blasted. “IIt didn’t just come out yesterday, go watch it.” Added another one: “Has anyone seen it? Tender Adults on Netflix? COMPLETELY CLEARED. 12/10 would recommend.”

The film, we should also add, is based on the novel Kærlighed for Voksne by Anna Ekberg.

“With an unpredictable and compelling story about love, jealousy and sacrifice – and a team of some of Denmark’s most prominent talents, led by Barbara Rothenborg and her unique visual style – we are sure our members will be hooked from our first Danish-language feature film,” said Lina Brouneus, director of co-production and acquisitions EMEA at Netflix.

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