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The New Island collaboration landed a catering gig on the set of DADA during the recent shoot

by Stewart Cole

PROVIDENCE BAY—If there’s one thing Erin Dean of Evansville and Christine McNaughton of Tehkummah love, it’s cooking up a storm in the kitchen. This passion led the duo to form a partnership after a candid meeting before a bridal shower, although both from Ontario, the pair first met in Montreal several years ago before they both ended up on the island.

“I knew Christine had a knack for presentation,” said Ms. Dean, who had started the company that would become Island Freezer Foods and Catering after helping an Island family that had lost a member and finding a growing number of people to turn to. to cook for people who need help. When the bridal shower was looking for spring rolls as part of the menu, Mrs. Dean remembered Mrs. McNaughton’s beautiful work and her colorful Filipino spring rolls.

“I was watching at the shower as a guest,” Ms McNaughton said, “but I was happy to help.”

“We both love feeding people,” said Ms. Dean, “so what could be better than doing what you love?”

Both women had many years of experience as online food bloggers, with such a multi-faceted convergence of interests that it would come as no surprise that the pair had such a good time working together that they decided to pool their talents and Ms McNaughton joined the business as a partner. .

Independent film producer Aaron Poole, whose feature film DADA is being shot in Providence Bay contacted their company to provide catering services for his film crew. “We got the call and sent him sample menus,” Ms. Dean recalled.

Apparently, the producer planned to engage a number of local catering outfits to provide service, but once he saw the menus it was a lock. “We ended up getting locked out of the whole deal,” Ms McNaughton said.

The duo plans to grow with managed growth and suggested a cap of 50 to 60 customers as an ideal number. “But we’ve done 70 and we can get to 100,” Ms Dean said. Both she and Ms. McNaughton have their food safety certifications and note that they offer a varied and eclectic menu.

“There’s a lot of room in Manitoulin,” Ms. Dean said. “There are enough jobs on Manitoulin Island for everyone,” agreed Ms. McNaughton.
With the Christmas season fast approaching, the duo have released a possible dinner menu perfect for the family gathering. Island Freezer Foods and Catering is ready for the colder weather with delicious options such as Chicken Pot Pie Soup and Barley Soup. “We change our menu offerings regularly,” Ms. Dean said. “We know people don’t want to eat the same thing over and over.”
Each month the company prepares a special frozen meal selection as a fundraiser for Manitoulin Pet Rescue with funds to help strange pets find new homes.

Full disclosure, The Expositor was bribed to attend the interview in Providence Bay with the offer of potato soup with a mini cheesecake for dessert. Our verdict? Delicious!

Island Freezer Foods and Catering can be reached at 705-282-0441 or through their Facebook page online.

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