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The new movie tells the story of my life — Funmi Awelawa

by Stewart Cole

A popular actress, Funmi Awelewa aka Morili Omo Ibadan has moved into a new phase of her career with her directorial debut in a movie titled ‘A Wish’.

In a statement sent to Saturday BeatsAwelewa stated that the film tells the story of her life, especially about her mom, who has lost her sight.

He said, “It was really an awesome experience, albeit very taxing, for me to direct this film because it’s the story of my life. It is very dear to my heart, hence my determination to take the risk and direct it myself. Thank God it turned out the way I wanted it to. It was a very wonderful production in every way.”

The actress-director added that the film, which was shot by her production company, Faab Entertainment, was shot in the actual places where she grew up.

He added, “We often neglect our loved ones, especially parents, in our quest for a better life, and many times, they have problems, especially in terms of health, but they usually don’t have the opportunity to discuss it with their children. , since they rarely spend time with them.

“I want to use this film to right this ‘wrong’. No matter how busy one is, one must always create time for one’s parents. Someone should check them, talk to them and always help them check their health status as often as possible.”

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