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The new V/H/S/ V/H/S/Beyond movie will air this October

by Stewart Cole

Here’s the full list of departments, including the people involved in their creation:

  • ‘Stork’: Directed by Jordan Downey, written by Downey and Kevin Stewart
  • “Fur Babies”: Written and directed by Christian Long and Justin Long
  • “Live and Let Dive”: Directed by Justin Martinez, story by Martinez and Ben Turner, screenplay by Turner
  • ‘Dream Girl’: Directed by Virat Pal, written by Pal and Evan Dickson
  • “Stowaway”: Directed by Kate Siegel, written by Mike Flanagan
  • And a special presentation by Jay Cheel

The “V/H/S” series started in 2012 with the first entry and has been running ever since. Like most horror anthology films, these films are hit and miss. Some of the sections are strong, some … not. In my humble opinion, the most recent entry, 2023’s “V/H/S/85,” was one of the worst of the bunch — I didn’t care for any of the stories. And the movie before it, 2022’s “V/H/S/99” wasn’t all that great. But 2021’s “V/H/S/94” was a lot of fun, so I’m not ready to write off that series just yet. And Mike Flanagan’s involvement in this new film gives me hope — I’ve been a fan of Flanagan since his first feature, 2011’s “Absentia.” And I’m especially excited to see what Kate Siegel does with her directorial debut .

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