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The No Way Home Promo shows the new costume

by Stewart Cole

A new offer for Spider-Man: No Way Home has released and reveals the new costume that makes the debut of Peter Parker / Spider-Man by Tom Holland in the film. It’s really a big deal to reveal – but then, this is Marvel’s second marketing for you. And if you have already seen it Spider-Man: No Way Home, then you know that the unveiling of just one new suit is the least that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures could reveal in these next wave of TV commercials. This one earns extra points when cut together to make a holiday-themed ad!

As you can see, the new suit we are entering Spider-Man: No Way Home is a welcome return to the basics. The costume is the classic red-and-blue Spider-Man costume from the comics, with the glamorous coloring that fans longed to see on screen – a wish that goes back to the original Spiderman Sam Raimi’s film trilogy and the freedoms the franchise got in the Spider-Man costume to make it on screen in live action. But obviously, we have come a long way from these humble principles and now Spidey’s comic book fans are getting their approval.

What really stands out here is that Marvel Studios and Sony are revealing this costume, which actually only appears in the final moments of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Then again, Spiderman The movies have always had a tradition of turning things around and showing the latest Spider-Man sequences hovering in the city as part of the trailer footage. Because it should Spider-Man: No Way Home – a film that has to do with a cumulative look at the whole Spiderman movies – are you doing something different?

(Warning: Spider-Man: No Way Home Follow SPOILERS!)

The nice thing about this new Spider-Man costume that Tom Holland will wear (in the already confirmed Spider-Man 4) is that his origin is basically Peter (Netherlands) who takes designs from the costumes of his Spider-Men colleagues (and predecessors) Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire. The web pieces and the brightest color combination are all gels with the classic design elements of the Holland original Returning home costume to create this classic Spider-Man comic. One has to wonder if it was not always the visual destination that Kevin Feige had been planning since the re-release of Spider-Man at the Marvel Cinematic Universe …

Spider-Man: No Way Home is now in the halls and crashes the coffers.

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