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The “OMG WINWIN” trends as a member of the NCT appear in the band’s latest film

by Stewart Cole


That was the reaction of every NCTzen to NCT’s latest teaser film, and for good reason to be honest.

Since the release of the NCT 2021 team image earlier this month, fans are accepting that Winwin and Lucas will not be included in this year’s full NCT comeback. But with the last teaser of the group, the fans were very surprised.

In the previous “NCT 2021 YearDream” videos, each included a total of 23 members. For this movie, “NCT 2021 YearDream: Stage 2 – Surfing in our Dreams”, the cast included Taeil, Chenle, Ten, Xiaojun, Yuta and (surprisingly) Winwin. The 97-line Chinese member was initially announced that he would not participate in the return of the full group due to its activities in China.

His sudden appearance in the teaser movie led the NCTzens to the end. In response to his sudden and cute appearance in the movie, fans made the “omg winwin” trend on Twitter. Here are some of their reactions.

Yes, Winwin Definitely deserves this treatment of the “central character”. Let’s hope we see the final return of him and Lucas with the group. But, let’s all support Winwin’s solo activities in China as well — his acting debut !!

Watch NCT’s latest teaser movie here.

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