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The stars of “Last Train to Christmas” reveal favorite holiday movies

by Stewart Cole

Watch: Michael Sheen and Nathalie Emmanuel Reveal Their Favorite Christmas Movies

Michael Sheen and Nathalie Emmanuel will be hoping for their new film Last train for Christmas is becoming the holiday favorite, but in the meantime, they have revealed the Christmas movies they watch every year.

“We have two. We always watch The Snowman and most of the time Home Alone “It will also be worn at some point,” Emmanuel told Yahoo.

The Game of Thrones star added: “I like it too Grinz. I also watch it a lot. “

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For Sheen, his choice of festive entertainment is a more traditional and long-standing choice from the 1940s.

“It’s the classic for me It is a wonderful life. It always fails to move me and inspire me. I love it, “said Sheen, adding that there may be a new candidate for the crown.

Nathalie Emmanuel and Michael Sheen play a couple on a strange festive train journey at “Last Train to Christmas”. (Sky Cinema)

“But I have to say, going up the rails in recent years, Elf threatens to take over. He has become a favorite. “

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In Last train for ChristmasSean plays nightclub supporter Tony Towers, who discovers he can travel to his past and future by getting on his train cars for a festive gathering.

He discovers that his actions in other carriages have catastrophic consequences, changing his current era and his relationship with his girlfriend – played by Emmanuel.

The cast of the film, written and directed by Julian Kemp, also includes Carrie Elgus as Sinn’s strange brother.

Last train for Christmas is a key part of it The festive program of Sky and NOW, which also includes many other new Christmas movies A Christmas Number One and inspired by the game 8-bit Christmas.

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Last train for Christmas is available for viewing via Sky Cinema and NOW from 18 December.

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