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The state of queer cinema: we asked 5 LGBTQ filmmakers to tell the stories of their latest work

by Stewart Cole
The Empress of Vancouver, one of the many Canadian films screened at the Inside Out 2SLGBTQ + Film Festival. (Inside out)

The 32nd annual Inside Out Toronto 2SLGBTQ + Film Festival starts on May 26, with a huge range of queer films to be screened both in person (in Toronto) and virtually (across Ontario) by June 5. While waiting, we asked a selection of Canadian filmmakers who brought their work to the event to tell us about their work.

As part of CBC Arts’ Cutaways series, these five essays collectively offer the stories of five works that premiered on Inside Out. It’s only a handful of the 128 films from 28 different countries screened at the festival, so check out festival website for more information on everything they have to offer.

Professional wrestler Mike Parrow at Out in the Ring. (Jahlen Barnes)

Ry Levey’s new film explores the history of queer representation of the sport. Read his essay here.

With Wonder. (Inside out)

Sharon Lewis’s latest film is With Wonder, where he explores crossroads of race, religion and queerness. Read her essay here.

Oliv Howe plays herself in the Empress of Vancouver. (Davey Dave Decarlo)

After a long journey to the screen, Dave Shortt’s The Empress of Vancouver premieres at Inside Out. Read his essay here.

BUM! (Game Theory Movies)

New Romantics are so often associated with pop music, but Kevin Hegge disagrees with the TRAMPS documentary! that it was much more than that. Read his essay here.

Lou (Kathleen Dorian) and Wally (Lesley Smith) on their first date at Compulsus. (Jesse Redmond)

With the revenge drama “Me Too”, Compulsus, Thorne wanted to pay tribute to her favorite movie. Read her essay here.

The Inside Out 2SLGBTQ + Film Festival is held in person and throughout Ontario from 26 May to 5 June.

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