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The warning that gives every player new fans for Resident Evil movies

by Stewart Cole

U / Maxelino started a discussion among the Reddit community asking whether or not they should watch the “Resident Evil” movies before playing the games. Specifically, they asked “does the gaming experience depend on seeing the movie first?”.

The majority of users came to the thread to say that watching movies is not necessary. U / Shinyier gives a little more context by writing, “Don’t do it, it will prevent you from some of my best moments in the game. Go straight.” In agreement with the majority, u / kornflakes1989 wrote, “No. Just act like there are no movies.”

So “Resident Evil” movies have a lot to do with wrong games. But why? Movie web shared details from a New York Comic-Con panel event where “Resident Evil” director Paul WS Anderson described why changes were made to the games. The most notable difference is the main character, Alice (Milla Jovovich). Anderson explained: “While Alice’s character is not in the game, the archetype is definitely … Having a completely fresh character and telling a prequel story to the world of video games, it gave us a more dramatic leave that we would not have. if we had made a direct adaptation of any of the games “.

Not having to watch the movies before playing the game can create a better overall experience, as there is less pressure to assemble all the pieces – if there are even these pieces. Alice can be a strong lead that makes movies amazing in a special way while the games still hold their own.

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